ICO: how to make it, even if you missed

ICO: how to make it, even if you missed Bitcoin and Ether

23 October 18621

Back in 2009, the cryptocurrency market was not taken seriously and appealed only to tech-savvy and "geek" users. However, nowadays it has significantly grown in terms of popularity and has become a common discussion among people with all sorts of backgrounds and investment experiences.

Early 2017 saw an important milestone: bitcoin price exceeded gold.

Historical Price Comparison

Gold Price USD1346 (source: tradingview.com):
Historical Price Comparison

BTC Price USD4309 (source: tradingview.com):
Historical Price Comparison

Today even those, who have been rather skeptical about cryptocurrency, understand and agree that investment in tokens could turn out to be more profitable than other conventional investment instruments. It seems so easy to buy these bitcoins and wait for the success to come. However, there is an important issue: bitcoins emission is limited (mathematically)

As a consequence, new cryptocurrencies based on ICO mechanics entered the market. Some of these cryptocurrencies are worth eight-digit numbers.

What is ICO?

ICO is one of the most famous way to launch new cryptocurrencies. Before the emission of new digital currency, the organizers announce fund raising, then tokens are released and distributed among all the investors in proportion to the investment made at the launch stage. In fact, ICO is a so called equivalent of initial public offering (IPO) in the more familiar “real” world. The important thing is that the initial emission is usually limited and the people that buy in at that point will be the ones that buy before everyone else.

After the new crypto currency emission / ICO is finalized, it is usually listed to an aftermarket exchange immediately after that. Because the starting point is usually extremely low (cents) the price increases substantially in terms of percentage, turning even a small investment into a significant amount.
That is why purchasing the cryptocurrency at the start, when its price is minimum is the best far-sighted decision.

How much money can you make with the cryptocurrency?

As an evidence, let us consider the examples of some new cryptocurrencies showing the best recent performances:

ICO Stratis – one of the most profitable ICOs that demonstrated growth by 151 082%. From the initial tokens price as $0.007, their value increased to $10.58 within one year.

Stratis (source: poloniex.com):
Historical Price Comparison

Spectrocoin startup has shown an increase of 18 707%. The price rose from $0.001 per a token (an initial price) to $0.15.

Storj Tokens dynamics was 17 700%, which increased initial $0.010 to $1.77.

Storj Tokens (source: bittrex.com):
Historical Price Comparison

Golem demonstrated growth by 4 963%. Since February 2016, the tokens have risen from $0.01 to $0.5.

It is clear that those who purchased the coins at the start got the most of the profit.
However, the risks were high as not all the ICOs demonstrated such significant growth and some of them might have not recorded such an impressive performance. To make the right choice, it is better to rely on the projects with experienced teams, straightforward roadmaps, and business driven core values that have the potential to boost the economy of the cryptocurrency in the long run.

Fortunately, there is good news: one of such projects is on its way.

The new LockChain - (LOC) coin is bound to succeed, according to the most experts.

LockChain – LOC tokens are currently being sold on ICO. The ICO stage is usually the absolutely best moment to buy, because you are the very first to own the token and at the best price.

Lockchain enters the $500 Blillion industry of Online Travel Agencies, dominated by established middlemen like Booking.com and Airbnb.com. Property owners are forced to use their platforms, paying 10-25% and even up to 50% commission on their revenue. Lockchain is here to remove this commission and add this value to the customers because they will be providing the saame service at 0% commission.

The market potential of hotel and accommodation is currently around $500 Billion per year, and LockChain is aiming towards disrupting it, by cutting end prices with as much as 20%.

The LockChain Engine will operate solely with the LOC tokens that are currently sold, and the company is also launching a marketplace with thousands of properties, where everyone can spend their LOC tokens for booking hotels and vacation rentals across the world. Their marketplace has just been launched with the first several hundred properties that you can book with LOC tokens.

This creates an immediate application of the token and beats 99% of the projects out there.

The company started their ICO and have has already sold more than 1.7 Million USD worth of LOC tokens to a vast community of travel lovers and end users.
Considering the current market conditions, experts believe that LockChain can reach a significant growth. They believe the project is capable to replicate the performance of the fellow Stratis, Spectrocoin and Storj that made tens of thousands in profit for the participants.
Today thousands of cryptocurrency holders follow closely the LockChain project news (visit their site here – https://lockchain.co ).

The fact is that it is one of the few projects that are providing a demand driven service that can have an actual impact. The success of their сrowdfunding is already a fact, and the opinion of experts also matter.

Another important point is: the sooner you buy – the more profit you get! This rule applies to primary sale of tokens just perfectly: only the early birds (or those who purchased first) buy the coins at the lowest price. That is why it is important to follow profitable projects and make quick decisions.

The official project site is https://lockchain.co

Why to purchase cryptocurrency now?

The cryptocurrency market is not legally regulated by the government now: on the one hand, it entails risks for potential investors, but on the other hand, the startup of new projects is easier and cheaper.

But according to the experts the no governance time won’t last long. In summer 2017 USA Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) already warned that ICO transactions might be treated like ordinary securities offerings. Many countries consider regulation of the digital money market and even think of banning the purchase of cryptocurrencies by enforcement. This however is not likely to happen sooner than in one year period.

The conclusion is that if you are planning to become a part of the global cryptoeconomics, do not delay with the decision to buy tokens. It might be too late for Bitcoin and Ethereum, but there are second generation tokens that have just the same potential.